Worse Lieutenant


Social parody need not employ grotesque excess, but that is the route director Tim Ritter and his disgruntled band of B-movie thespians have taken in Dirty Cop No Donut. Ritter’s handheld video camera follows Officer Friendly (Joel D. Wynkoop), a rampaging counterpart to the gilded guards populating Fox’s reality show, Cops. Friendly comes complete with Dirty Harry quips (“Looks like it was his lucky day”) and Cop Land introspection (“A police officer’s an unsung hero”), while the criminals come up with cunning excuses (“That coke’s not mine, I’m watching this place for a friend”).

Part Bad Lieutenant, part Real World, the film follows Friendly’s escapades, which range from stealing bags of corn chips and a Coke from a local store to pocketing bags of coke from a local dealer. As bad as he wants to be, Friendly has a comforting mantra: “I am the law.” Brandishing his badge and brains, Friendly even invents his own punishment for a pedophile fresh out of jail: He forces him to castrate himself. A public servant to the end.

Like other parodies lampooning everyone from the cops, the educated, the politically correct, and more, Dirty Cop uses brutality, booze, and boobs to sell its social commentary; it’s as drunk on fake blood as Friendly is on police power.

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