Celebrate the nation’s b-day with a proper blowout at the Tunnel. Premier party promoters Stuck on Earth don’t mess around when it comes to stellar talent, and this show is no exception. Featuring the almighty Detroit deckmaster Stacey Pullen plus Plus 8/Minus Records’ John Aquaviva sharing headlining duties. Newcomer trance pinup Christopher Lawrence and hard techno diva Misstress Barbara also appear on the main stage. Drum’n’bass heads can get 180 bpm action via Formation Records’ SS plus MC Warren G. Give hip-hop DJ/turntablist/junglist Craze double props, ’cause they are making him work for his dinero: two appearances in the same night!! (one DMC showcase on the main stage, and another in the jungle room). Talk about more bang for your buck. Tuesday @ 8, Tunnel, 220 12th Ave, 780-4614.

Old folks less inclined for dancing and more inclined for analyzing freaky beats should head over, to the Anchorage for the Creative Time’s spectacular series, featuring a doubleheader with Mille Plateaux and Force Inc. artists Kid 606, Panacea, Thomas Heckmann, and SND. Artists from both labels put on some of the best performances during Barcelona’s Sonar festival two weeks back. Should be a showdown between German drum’n’bass anarchist Panacea and Kid 606 for the Noisiest DJ honors. Thursday @ 10, Anchorage, Hicks and Old Front streets, Brooklyn, 206-6674.

2steppin’ crew Drive By is turning one. Why, it seems like it was just yesterday when they had parties with 30 confused clubbers milling about; these days you can’t shake a stick without hitting a 2step party. And other good news: This Drive By doesn’t feature MJ Cole or Artful Dodger. The venerable Zed Bias does his very grungy, garagey, decidedly rougher ‘ting for the New York massive. With Deekline and MC Junior Red of the U.K., and the usual suspects, Dinesh, Greg Poole, and MC I-Dris. Tuesday @ 10, Frying Pan, Chelsea Piers Pier 63, 560-0951.