The Foundation crew is back in action, moving their techno-friendly party Chic to the Roxy’s swanky VIP lounge. Resident DJs Kimyon and Rich Bourque, those Detroit techno fetishists, welcome special guest Alexi Delano to help kick things off. Delano, a Swede-turned-Noo Yawker, spins and makes delicious tech house on quality labels like Earthtones/Seasons and Turbo, which put out his excellent ADNY compilation, Selections earlier this year. Friday @ 10, the Roxy VIP, 515 W 18th, 627-0404.

Regressive is a good word for the upcoming Regressive Technologies show, since famed local strip tease Khan takes the stage (and will likely take off his clothes) while playing material from his new album, No Comprendo. Khan’s music is getting increasingly weirder over time, with disparate influences (matching Mexicana and techno with singers like Julee Cruise and Diamanda Galas). Scary, but fun! Kitbuilders, another wacky German electro outfit, headlines. With head Regressivee Ulysses, Thursday @ 10, Fun, 130 Madison, 964-0303.

ATTENTION CANDY RAVERS: Head immediately to Queens for the candiest bash I’ve seen on a flyer in a while. Infiltrate is the glow stick-wielding clubber’s dream, with headliners like Florida breaks specialist DJ Icey, and Super DJ Dmitry (who, though he has better records now, can share fashion tips with his teen followers, rivaling only perhaps Superstar DJ Keoki in this area) plus Russian trance-techno badass Spacegirl. England’s Jon the Dentist puts in a three-deck performance, and junglists can get all their aggressions out via Florida’s AK1200, and Canada’s Mystical Influence and Sniper. Rave on! Saturday @ 7, Amazura, 91-12 144 Pl, Jamaica, Queens, 591-1683.