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(invisible) man with a movie camera

the auteur limits

Camera Obscura
••• Tracking Down Film Studies’ Fall Guy
Jessica Winter
Jessica Winter focuses on the strange film career of Allen Smithee, pseudonymous auteur and academic subject.

Check, Please!
••• Love and Loss in 64 Squares
Geoffrey Gray
A knight’s tale, with all the right (chess) moves. By Geoffrey Gray.


Maps and Chaps
••• The New Geography Reaches Critical Mass
Jeff Byles
Jeff Byles surveys the revitalized field of geography.

The Anatomy Lesson
••• Robert Burton and the Library of Babel
Ed Park
Is reading futile? Ed Park studies Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy.

The Colour of Money
••• How William Perkin Dyed for Knowledge
J. Yeh
J. Yeh shades in the cultural history of mauve.

••• your education starts here
Michael Gerber and Jonathan Schwarz

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