If there is a SummerStage event to end all SummerStage gigs, it’s the annual body&SOUL party in the park. François K and Joe Claussell hit the nail on the head, bringing their sunny organic grooves out of the dank interior of Vinyl and into the bright, broad daylight of Central Park. Weather permitting, it’s one of the most pleasant events of the year, not least because body&SOUL’s crowd contains some of the most beautiful eye candy this side of the Atlantic. Get there early: If Basement Jaxx was any indication, latecomers will be locked out. Saturday @ 4:30 (doors open at 3), SummerStage, Central Park, Rumsey Playfield, at 72nd, 360-2777.

While Twilo was open, the infamous Roxy operated under the shadow of the mighty superclub. But with its archrival closed, the Roxy is taking this opportunity to step up to the plate. Billing itself as the “New Roxy,” the club seems to be aiming for an image overhaul-booking better musical talent than its more recent suspect guests. Trust (hosted by Tom Mello) features San Francisco giant Mark Farina (who, though his beats are large, is Madonna-sized in person), as well as Mighty Mi. In the Chic room (thrown by Foundation devils Kimyon and Rich Bourque), Juan C. Gaviria gives some house and Detroit techno lovin’. Friday @ 11, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 502-3580

I rarely give lip service to folks who still play that quaint, outdated instrument, otherwise known as the guitar, but given that this is a club opening with a few very high-profile guests, it’s enough to make me put my own biases aside. Half of Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore, share the stage with other noise anarchists Nels Cline, Monotract and the SB at a new Williamsburg joint called Club Luxx. (Kinda bad name, guys, and work on getting more DJ bizness.) Wednesday @ 8, Luxx, 256 Grand, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-599-1000.