Is anybody else out there totally sick of Centro-Fly? Yeah, the circular bar in the back, the Pinky Room downstairs, the neat Tapioca VIP area—they’re all ‘fly-but how many times in one month should one be allowed to visit, really? With Twilo wiped out, and everyone else slackin’, you’ve got no choice most of the time. It’s a double-edged sword, and this weekend, you might find yourself thanking the owners in one breath and cursing them out in another, because there is really only one place to go during Labor Day weekend if you’re not getting the hell outta Dodge. (Heck, you might as well just camp out there.)

Start off your three-day Centro-Fly weekend a little early on Thursday, when the man with the biggest ‘fro in house music, Philly boy Josh Wink, returns for a Subliminal session. Wink, like other big-name jocks, fares better in smaller venues playing for more “adult” audiences than he does playing gargantuan spaces for spaced-out ravers. His music gets grittier, deeper, and more intense, losing that “stadium techno” feel that so often marks many of his arena-sized sets. And since Centro’s so swank and is just the right size, you should be in for a treat. Thursday @ 10.

Friday night finds those GBH pranksters up to their usual high jinks: i.e., not featuring anything remotely like British house music-but with Wamdu’s Chris Udo on the decks, at least it’s still great. Special added bonus for you folks wanting to relive your frat-house party days: The night is being billed as a “Roman Orgy Costume Party”—which means togas, wreaths, and possibly no underwear underneath the sheets. Friday @ 10.

The next night features changeling Timo Maas. Maas was last year’s trance-techno-nu-skul-breaks boy wonder; his big tune “Azzido Da Bass” was impossible to categorize, and as a result, he’s not been shrunk down to fit any particular musical corner. (Hence, the gig at the house weekly.) Saturday @ 10. All three nights @ friggin’ Centro-Fly! 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

Coming next week: hopefully a new club or night, please!!!