I’m not sure when summer is officially over, but it’s getting mighty close. It’s also getting near the end for the Matter:/ Form folks who’ve been throwing mind-boggling boat parties called Overboard every two weeks for the past few months. This installment features L.A. house legend Doc Martin, who overcame the stigma of his silly early-’90 name to become one of the country’s A-list house producers. After years of toiling in the early rave circuit, Martin deserves to get the big bucks and recognition that come with it. While he’s not a pure “tech house,” jock like previous guests Mr. C, and Layo & Bushwacka, Martin still has enough psychedelic tricks up his sleeves for a blissed-out session. With Touch bros. Billy Shane and Sean Hall, Craig Richards and Mr. Robb. Sunday at 7, Paddlewheel Queen, E 23rd, and East River,, no phone.

Anyone who caught the Sin festival knows that Mr. Velcro Fastener kick ass. They played funky, pretty, funny electro tracks that verged on epic and made yours truly actually break a sweat. The Finnish duo plays two shows this week, first at the IDM/electro weekly Static and the next night at Lick*tronic, which also features Slabco’s Explosion Robinson, World Domination Project, Alice Cohen, and Champion Soul. Go see them. Twice. Static, Wednesday at 10, Open Air, 121 St Marks Place, 979-1459; Lick*tronic, Thursday at 8, Void, 16 Mercer, 941-6492.

If you’re tired of dreary, angry drum’n’bass, there is a solution. Direct Drive brings V Recordings’ head honcho Jumpin’ Jack Frost to the weekly for a little aural lovin’. Frost is celebrating the release of his latest mix CD, Fine Tuning Vol. One, on Dune Records, an excursion into the more soulful (but not soft) side of d’n’b that’s all the rage with the junglists these days. Saturday @ 10, Baktun, 418 W 14th, 206-1590.

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