She has single-handedly blown the back door wide open to put the butthole on the map of America’s bedrooms. Now everyone’s favorite ass-master, Voice sex columnist Tristan Taormino, is bending over backward to expand our sexual horizons in her new book, Pucker Up: A Hands-On Guide to Ecstatic Sex (Buy this book).

How do sex trends get started? When Cosmo discovers the G-spot, lots of American women will also discover their G-spots. When they talk about golden showers and analingus on Sex and the City, everyone talks about it the next day.

Are you a trendsetter? I am a trendsetter in the world of anal sex, because not only am I spreading the word about how to do it safely and for maximum pleasure, I have inspired people who weren’t necessarily into anal sex to get into it.

What other trends have emerged? Sex toys have become a lot more acceptable. Meredith Viera had her Hitachi Magic Wand on The View and talked about how she would bring it with her on a desert island. Straight men getting fucked in the ass is a big trend that makes me very happy.

What is inspiring straight men to become bend-over boyfriends? Straight people are veering off the path of traditional gender roles and traditional sexual practices. The strap-on stuff is part of a larger trend of people just getting off that script. The woman gets to experience giving pleasure in a brand-new way. Being on the other end of a dick can change your worldview.

Who isn’t having good sex? Good sex comes with experience. A great partner is someone who says, “I’ll try anything once.” When people know more about their bodies, all of that contributes to feeling more comfortable around it. People need to realize that the person who holds the key to their sexual pleasure is themselves.