Of course, there’d be someone. While many were fortunate to have those close to them escape unscathed, some were not as lucky. This column is dedicated to Kingsize USA DJ Joshua Birnbaum a/k/a DJ Samsson, who is among the missing. He was working for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 102nd Floor of the World Trade Center. Pay your respects and dance a little at Kingsize’s event, Barely Legal Wednesdays, which features residents 3PO, Adamatic, Speakerfreak, Sonic Bee, with monthly guests like Nigel Richards, John Selway and more. Wednesday @ 9, Liquids, 226 E 10th, 677-1717

Ravers, don’t cry!: BOO 6, the annual Stuck on Earth pre-Halloween party which was to be held on Saturday has been canceled and moved to April 20, now a post-Halloween party. The promoters had to change the date because the National Guard has been using Randalls Island as a base. No worries: The same lineup is 100% confirmed and portions of tickets to go to the WTC Relief Fund.

A new shindig courtesy of the peeps from the label and CD series of the same name, the night rotates locals Nicolas Matar, Juan C (a/k/a JC Gaviria), Tim Fielding, and others, who play a mixture of deep house and techno. The Journeys By DJ folks claim to have started the DJ-mix CD-series trend, and for that I curse them. No matter how cool their mid-90s Coldcut mix CD might have been, they are the indirect cause of the Global Underground nightmare (next, Volume 515: Digweed Live on the Moon); the increasingly cloying Back To Mine series (Everything But the Girl and Morcheeba play each other’s tunes—again); and, of course, every last trance series under the sun. Journeys By DJ, make it stop!. Thursday at 9, Halcyon, 227 Smith, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 718-260-9299.

And now for something completely different: The swank studmuffin Murray Hill is bringing the first ever Drag King Invitational to town. 35 macho studs will be prancing the stage and strutting their stuff. Extra big-time bonus: live performance from Le Tigre for all you Kathleen Hanna obsessives. Why should all the drag queens have all the fun? Sunday at 8, Lot 61, 550 W 21st, 539-3197,