I was gonna dress up like a candy raver and go to Supa’ Monsta’ Mash Up, but then I figured nobody’d get that the phat pants, glow sticks, and chewable necklaces were all just a hokey act. Instead, I’ll don camouflage attire (with a gas mask accessory) for the first large-scale junglist happening in a long time. The main floor features three of the best mixologists around: Metalheadz’, Storm and Bailey, plus the harder-than-hell Trace (of DSCI4, No U-Turn fame). Trace will beat you up with heavy metal drum’n’bass, but Storm and Bailey traffic in more nuanced fare—taking you for a ride (oh, I can’t help it) on the dark side. With local smashers Seen, Doomer, and Cassien. Thursday at 10, Limelight, 660 Sixth Ave, 613-0900.

Danny Tenaglia obsessives can pay respects to their fave DJ by dressing up as him. While there aren’t any Tenaglia masks on the market, a baseball hat, a jovial attitude, and a crate full of bang-on records might suffice. Tenaglia’s weekly treat gets moved to midweek just for the Halloween freaks. Costumes are encouraged for this FDNY benefit, appropriately called Be Your Scary Self. The suggested donation is 20 bones, and they promise to charge more if you’re not in a getup. Other good news: expect a six-hour marathon set (from 10 to 4) from the master. Wednesday at 9, Vinyl, 6 Hubert, 981-8703.

Though the venue is depressing as all hell, the new Stuck on Earth biweekly party line-ups are not. The opening night a few weeks back featured the Sonic Groove cats (Frankie, Heather, and Adam); this week is a turntablist’s and junglist’s delight. Featuring the dynamic duo of Shortee and Faust (both badass turntablist tricksters); hip-hop courtesy of Evil Dee and Butta L; junglists Danny the Wildchild, Reid Speed, and Datcyde; and breaks and trance from Irene and DJ X-Dream. Plus many more. Thursday at 10, Downtime, 251 W 30th, 780-4614.