Brooklyn is getting cooler by the minute, and soon enough, most partygoing Manhattanites will be hightailing over the river to get their rocks off on the weekends. Two cases in point: the Foundation crew, the group that has brought you many Detroit-techno bashes featuring the likes of Derrick May and Stacey Pullen (among others) has set up shop in Williamsburg. Their free, no-frills party is called Trü Skül Brooklyn, and features Rich Bourque, JC Gaviria and Kimyon on the decks at the small, cozy, and frequently crazy, Stinger Club. Did I mention that the drinks are strong and cheap? Friday at 10, Stinger Club, 241 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-218-6662

On the other side of the borough, drum’n’bass DJ Empress hosts a monthly jam, Sessions, at a new crib, Moe’s in Fort Greene. Fort Greene’s long been a host of the best party in Brooklyn (Bang the Party, duh), and now the ‘hood’s got another hip-hop and breaks-intensive night to claim as its own. Featuring DJ Deluxxx, Prozac, Rage, and Lars. Saturday at 10, Moe’s, 80 Lafayette Ave. Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, 718-797-9536.

Ghetto tech’s moment of glory pretty much passed after the release of the 60th remix of “Ass ‘N Titties,” but that didn’t stop a group of lascivious DJs from joining forces to raise some money for the WTC fund in the name of booty. The I Love New York Ghetto Tech party will donate all proceeds to the Twin Towers Fund. Detroit’s Disco D headlines the raunchfest, which also features DJ Salinger, Aural Sex, Ka$hflo & Profit, and DJ Shakey. Expect to be offended and oversexed. Wednesday at 10, Baktun, 418 W 14th, 206-1590.