Possible Link Between Al Qaeda and Far-Right Racists


WASHINGTON, D.C.—While ties between far-right racist groups
and the Bin Laden network seem tenuous at best, the
Financial Times reports German police are focusing on
one individual who might provide a real

His name is Ahmed Huber, 74, a Swiss
businessman and journalist living in Bern, who became
a muslim in the 1960s. Huber sits on the board of
directors of Nada Management, a financial services and
consulting company that forms part of the
international Al Taqwa group, according to the Times.
The U.S. claims this group has long acted as advisers to
al-Qaeda. Italian police recently questioned two other
Nada Management board members.

A spokesman for Germany’s office for the
protection of the constitution, the internal intelligence agency, told
FT yesterday that Huber “sees himself as a mediator
between Islam and right-wing groups.” The police claim
he has ties to the revisionist movement, which claims the holocaust doesn’t exist.

A spokesman for NPD, a big far-right party in
Germany, said Huber often addressed NPD events.

While Huber denies being engaged in any sort of
terrorist activity, he told FT that he met associates
of bin Laden at a conference in Beirut. The Swiss
media quotes Huber as saying, approvingly, these people
“are very discreet, well-educated,
very intelligent people.”