The “hardest working promoter” in the club universe, Robbi celebrates his birthday at Giant Step’s weekly bash. With soul singer Kenny Lattimore and trusty DJ Ron Trent supplying the birthday boy (and you and me) his musical presents. Thursday @ 10, Shine, 285 W Broadway, 941-0900.

Get in the holiday mood early with drag king extraordinaire, Mr. Murray Hill, who is forever putting his competition to shame. For his Star-Spangled Christmas Comedy Special, the swank Mr. Hill will be joined by Scotty the Blue Bunny (don’t ask!), *BOB* (the female female impersonator with the biggest boobs on the planet), and the world-famous Pontani Sisters, plus the Dazzle Dancers and the Murrayettes with the Paul Leschen one-man band. Sunday @ 9:30, FEZ, 380 Lafayette, 462-9077.

Though I hate to categorize it as such (as are the DJs, I’m sure), there’s a ladies’ night of a different variety, called Barreled. Put on by the Broklyn Beats crew, the night features the esteemed Mutamassik, she of warrior-ready Egyptian breaks, celebrating her new single on Soot Records, with cohorts doily and DJ Ripley doing the opening honors in the basement at Tonic. Wednesday @ 10, Subtonic, 107 Norfolk, 358-7501.

Though I’m not a huge fan of DJ Krush (please, no hate mail!), some folks like the Japanese DJ’s take on hip-hop. Krush is touring behind his record Zen. I am a bigger fan of the co-headliners, the Nortec Collective. Lucky you will be privy to the joys of three of the tech-Mex producers and DJs, including Fussible Bostich and Panoptica. I should note that at this past summer’s Sonar festival in Barcelona, the Nortec boys owned the golden record that made even the geekiest techno nerds dance. It’s called “Casino Soul.” Cross your fingers that they each play it once. Promise, it’s worth repeat listens. Wednesday @ 9, SOB’s, 204 Varick, 243-4940.

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