Body and Soul resident François K has two reasons to celebrate this week. He’s turning a year older (you’ll have to ask him for the exact number) and he’s got a new mix disc, Deep and Sexy, out on Wave music. Usually titles bearing the words deep or sexy send me into a jaunt of weary cynicism, but for once, the name is actually apt. The disc features tracks from ADNY (Alexi Delano) and Attaboy and presents a side of François K that is more modern and less steeped in old New York house lore than you’d expect. Dubby and classy without being soulless, it’s a breathless collection of deep-house love. Thursday @ 10, Centro-Fly, Pinky Room, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

Never the sort to give up on their chosen genre, the Breakbeat Science crew dust themselves off from drum’n’bass’s disappointing fall from grace and give it another go with Bass:Mint. They don’t hold back: For their first night they bring Philly homeboy Dieselboy and Metalheadz’ deft DJ Bailey to their new space, Club Mint. Locals Dara and Knowel also spin, and the Bay Area’s best white frat-boy motormouth MC Duh abuses the mic (in a good way). Thursday @ 10, Club Mint, 225 E Houston, 475-3200.

Spore’s DJ Ilana, who has impressed nearly everyone with her razor-sharp technical prowess and her equally astounding musical selection, is bringing some Sense to the moronic wannabe celebs and starfuckers at the Park. Pricey, pathetic, and impossibly ugly in design, the Park is the clubland equivalent of a zoo where the rare and exotic animals are kept at bay from the rest of the population. Usually these spots have bad music (because the folks there don’t really care), but maybe Ilana’s deep house will get them to pay attention to something other than the mirror. Wednesday @ 10, the Park, 118 Tenth Ave, 352-3313.