It’s one of those weird white-guy national holidays this weekend (you know, the one where we are all supposed to be celebrating our Presidents?), so you can get trashed on Sunday and sleep in on Monday. Let Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish be your fearless leaders—they’re both playing at the President’s Day bash, which is so very patriotic of them. The event also serves as a celebration of their Grammy nomination for the “Best Remix” category.
Sunday @ midnight, The World, 1501 Bway, 613-3199.

Anyone else totally flabbergasted by the electro/new wave/Italo-disco revival? Does this century suck so bad it makes us long for the ’80s? Apparently Luke Slater thinks so, ’cause the techno producer has thrown his hat in the Euro-new wave bin on his newest album, Alright on Top. Can’t quite decide if it’s brilliant or bad (maybe a little bit of both), but it definitely will give you flashbacks of asymmetrical haircuts and white ankle boots worn with socks. Slater appears with Elite Force at Static, a true-blue electro and IDM weekly.
Wednesday @ 10, Open Air, 121 St. Marks Pl, 979-1459.

The duo known as Lazy Dog don’t play electro—and thank god for that. (We’d have no diversity in our clubs!!) Ben Watt of Everything But the Girl and partner-in-crime Jay Hannan spin deep, beautiful, sexy house music. The last time they visited Giant Step’s weekly (must’ve been in summertime, ’cause I remember sweating), the place was packed and the crowd stayed till the end, eager for more. It had been a while since I’d seen New Yorkers go for it like that, so hopefully we can be privy to a repeat performance.
Tuesday @ 10, Shine, 285 W Bway, 941-0900.