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Outré Spaces


Capacitor’s Within Outer Spaces seemed both bigger than HERE’s tiny inner sanctum permitted and less imposing than intended. This aggressively hip fusion of circus acts, martial arts, balletic and contemporary dance, electronica, and videos of cosmic and biological wonders had me alternately dazzled and dazed. In one snooze-worthy example, a dancer twirled on a bungee cable, adjusting his fetal shape as Earth whirled on the video screen. But anything with fire, well, really cooked. The juggler—happily more accurate with torches than with balls—and the dancing amazon in an army helmet studded with flaming wands were alarmingly good. I loved the scaly lizard people—an animal act?—and clever allusions to the stretchiness and stickiness of time. An eerie scene involving a computer was worthy of a painting by a 21st-century Remedios Varo.

Soundance Choreographers’ Showcase (BAX) tucked away a few gems in its mixed bag. Forbidden Feast, Sarah Carlson’s duet with sweet Elmer Moore Jr., paired a small/tall, white/black, odd couple-to-be, employees of rival pizza emporiums. Slapping a towel or a Domino’s box on the floor, they slip-slided, bounced, tumbled, and flopped their way into each other’s hearts. Great lifts and a couple of Afternoon of a Faun moments completed the kooky charm. In her excellent Strange Gravity, Meredith McGovern strained, panted, and nearly pulverized herself attempting to reach a pool of light—stardom?—to the amusement of other artists in the audience. Set to music by Arvo Pärt, Arron Wendel’s Secure envisioned a battalion of amazons—classicbut passionate and deeply moving. The program also featured works by Kelly Hayes, Catey Ott, Eva Dean, Ariel Weiss Holyst, and collaborators Christina Briggs and Edward Winslow.