It’s the week of the Winter Music Conference, so many local artists are in Miami, which makes NYC seem sad and lonely. At the same time, the city’s clubs benefit from all the influx to the coast, so lots of artists are dropping by before or after their gigs down south. A mini-Miami of sorts can be found at Alan Sanctuary’s new party called Spend the Night, with techno heavy hitter Robert Armani going head to head with tech-house godfather “Evil” Eddie Richards. Also spinning is New Jersey’s Kerri Chandler, plus the U.K.’s Bugz in Da Attic. Friday @ 10, Shelter, 20 W 39th, 719-4479.

DJ Angola and DJ Smash’s weekly Chemistry down in the cramped confines of APT’s basement room will host the very big talents of Fila Brazilia, who bring slow and low grooves to the chic and pretty masses. If their Another Late Night mix disc is any indication, they’ll be spinning a little bit of reggae, dub, and spacey trip hop. This night is getting to be quite the spot, with Peanut Butter Wolf and Mr. Scruff also playing there recently. Tuesday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 414-4245.

Speaking of Mr. Scruff, the Ninja Tune eclectic warrior is abusing Halcyon’s fine sound system in one of several appearances throughout the week. As his other gigs are at crowded bars, the chance to lounge, sip coffee (or fine wine), and listen to beats seems like an inviting and refreshing change. Perfect. Wednesday @ 9, Halcyon, 227 Smith, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 718-260-9299. Also at Halcyon is the Voice‘s own super-scribe Simon Reynolds. Reynolds is the author of Energy Flash (retitled Generation Ecstasy in the U.S.), the definitive bible of rave history. He’s guesting as DJ PiLhead at fellow Brit Paul Kennedy’s party Sci-Fi Soul, putting some old-skool choons on the platter, giving the kids a much needed history lesson in hardcore, jungle, and UK garage. Tuesday @ 9.

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