The last time I gave all my space to Centro-Fly I got so much flack I thought I was gonna need a personal bodyguard. Well, boo-hoo. Centro-Fly, tired of it as we all may be, has a retarded-good lineup for the weekend. Pack your bags, because you’re going on an extended clubbing vacation. Tell the owner Tom Sisk that you expect room service and a guest bed since you’ll be hanging out from Thursday night’s Subliminal Sessions party with birthday boy Eric Morillo and tech-house gurus Layo & Bushwacka till Plant‘s bash on Saturday. Layo & Bushwacka will be coming fresh from the Matter:/Form party in Miami, which I am certain will be dope, dope, dope. The duo’s esoteric music and vicious breaks and backbeats will be a nice counterpoint to Morillo’s top-of-the-hour and decidedly more mainstream fare. The following night at GBH features French bootylicious house DJ Bob Sinclar headlining on the main floor. Downstairs in the Pinky, 2step party Drive By returns with new monthly residents Stanton Warriors joining local resident/head honcho Dinesh. (I think the Warriors are sorta ho-hum, but you know, that’s my opinion on most 2step, so don’t listen to me.) On Saturday, Plant welcomes the sleazebags from Vice magazine in the name of electro. In case your head’s been clogged with earwax, clear out the ear drums for the International Deejay Gigolos Showcase featuring Miss Kittin, DJ Hell, DJ Unknown (of Fischerspooner fame), and local lady Linda Lamb. You will have hardcore ’80s flashbacks. Of course, I realize that some of you are experiencing this decade for the first time, so I’ll offer some fashion advice: Wear asymmetrical tops, leggings, big, ugly earrings—whatever. Just don’t cut your hair into a mullet, wear suit jackets with shoulder pads, or bring back acid-washed jeans. Please, I beg. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.