Club kid riddle: Why is the most claustrophobic bar in New York called Open Air? Is this a mean joke or something? At any rate, they’re giving us just what the city needs—another electro night. Well, at least DJ Ulysses (who’s no newcomer to electro) is smart enough to call the party what it is—Regressive. His partners in crime, John Selway, Katya Casio, and Informer, aren’t new to this game, either. This week, Plug Research’s Safety Scissors pays a visit to the darkest watering hole in the city. Thursday @ 10, Open Air, 121 St. Marks Place, 979-1459.

Daniel Wang does not play electro, but that doesn’t mean he’s not shit-hot. The Environ Records recording artist is going to do a live synthesizer set down at the 138. Wang is labelmates with Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area, and so he displays a similar sensibility of going back to the golden days of disco (and we’re not talking Bee Gees’ style, either). Besides that, he has quite possibly the best title in recent memory-The Look Ma No Drum Machine EP, which came out on Balihu. Tuesday @ 9, Local 138, 138 Ludlow, 477-0280.

Marumari, an IDM duo from Massachusetts who like to make pretty washes clash with off-kilter beats (Wait. I’ve just described every IDM act on the planet, haven’t I?), are playing a rare set at the Andrew Kreps Gallery. Feel all arty and cool and stuff listening to the Carpark artists. For a sampling of sounds, go to Saturday @ 1, Andrew Kreps Gallery, 516A W 20th, 741-8849.

For those who still care: Sasha and Digweed are back for one night only at the World. Saturday @ 10:30, The World, 1501 Bway, 398-3439.