If there is one good thing to come out of this electro revival, it’s that the artists who’ve been plugging away at this for years will finally get their due. Rephlex’s DMX Krew (one Ed DMX) went all ’80s and synthpop way before the trendies picked it up. (Who’s more old school: DMX or Ectomorph? Discuss.) Ed’s live sets are just as poppy, ironic and infectious as 1999’s We Are DMX. With Fischerspooner’s DJ Unknown and Nitedog. Sunday @ 10, Tribeca Grand Hotel, 2 Ave of the Americas, 519-6600.

The first annual “phonoTAKTIK: Social Construction of Technology”—a festival of Austrian electronic musicians—takes place this week and continues into next. I’ve never heard most of the artists on the festival’s bill-Curd Duca, Villalog, Bernhard Fleischmann, and Pita among them—but it’s a good sign that new, fresh sounds will be on hand. I’ll take mysterious unknowns over another overpaid superstar DJ at a worn-out über-club. Tuesday April 23 through April 29, at the Austrian Cultural Forum, 31 E 69th, 319-5300, and

Darshan Jesrani, the other half of Metro Area, spins at the down-low deep-house bi-weekly Play with like-minded jock Brennan Green. While everyone else is going on and on about the retro electro revival (ok, I will admit to taking part in this hype machine), Metro Area, along with Daniel Wang and Green, are having fun resurrecting the best bits of disco. I’m also for a retro-disco movement, just so long as we don’t revive those heinous fashions, too. With Play DJs, Jay Lee, Pete Sung, and Don Vu. Wednesday @ 10, Sapphire Lounge, 249 Eldridge, 777-5153.

Chill out with the king of chillout. Recloose, Planet E’s downtempo DJ, previews bits from his next disc, Cardiology, at the neighborhood techno spot. With the lovely diva Ilana. Thursday @ 10, Plant Bar, 217 E Third, 375-9066.