I promise I will shut the hell up about all this ’80s stuff in good time, but I have to crow about the Rapture, who are so freaky good they will give you the willies. The trio, on new local indie label DFA, mix lo-fi rock with lo-fi beats and come out somehow sounding very ’80s and very modern at the same time. I’m not sure if singer Luke Jenner is a real person, because on “House of Jealous Lovers,” he sounds like Johnny Lydon, and on “OLIO,” you’d swear that the band kidnapped the Cure’s Robert Smith and forced him to record at gunpoint. With Black Dice, the Juan Maclean, Trevor Jackson of Playgroup, and Paul Psychonaut. Friday @ 9, Warsaw, 261 Driggs, Greenpoint, 718-387-5252.

The Breakbeat Science posse dust themselves off after the Mint Club debacle in January with Bass:Mint. This installment is a turntablist-junglist war between four-time DMC world champ Craze and DJ Klever, a member of scratch crew the Allies. Meanwhile DB celebrates the release of his latest drum’n’bass mix disc, 10. But the best tunes of the night come from Mathematics, a/k/a Roy Dank and Blueline (minus their production partner Mike Genato). They are catching lots of buzz in the U.K. for their smooth, groovy, and deep drum’n’bass—and already have tracks out on or coming out on Renegade, Hospital, and Frontline. With recent SF export Siren, Knowel, Quartz, and Still. Thursday @ 10:30, Shine, 285 W Bway, 941-0900.

Don’t know what it is about Ben Watt and his Lazydog partner, Jay Hannan, but they really light a fire under New Yorkers’ lazy asses. Every time they’ve played at Shine, the venue’s been bursting at the seams with people, and the end of the night has the crowd screaming. Due to the aforementioned overcrowding and hysteria, they are moving to Shelter. With local Ray Velasquez. Tuesday @ 9, Shelter, 20 W 39th, 719-4479.