LAPD Incident Report


Date/Time: 09-24-48/01:23//Complainant (age/nativity/address): Mr. Emil Ofenrohr, 54, white, 588 Bailey St//Location: 1803 E Brooklyn Ave//Responding Officer(s)/Badge No(s): Russell (34-1836), Upton (46-0254)

Nature of Complaint/Codes: Disturbance/415; Riot/404(a); Unlawful Assembly/416; Public Intoxication/372; Resisting Arrest/148; Assault on a Police Officer/148.10.

Remarks: Officers Russell and Upton responded to noise complaint at nightclub d/b/a “Club Tirili.” Officers dispersed 15-20 mex. youths or “pachucos” assembled outside premises and affected entry. Inside, Officers observed estimate 175-200 mex. youths. Majority were sporting “zoot suits” and appeared to be gang members. Officers were ignored at first and stationed selves at rear of club in order to detect possible violations. Subjects were dancing to 6-piece band identified by banner over stage as “Don Tosti’s Pachuco Boogie Boys.” P.O. Russell indicates Band employs frequent mex. underworld slang and suggests Gang Unit investigate. P.O. Upton adds they played pretty much like the colored bands they got over in Central division except for singing mostly in mex. When officers entered band was playing number probable title “Pachuco Boogie” and then number in mex. except with some english words as follows “I’m waiting for my boyfriend to get back.” Officers observed Lewd Dancing, flagrant Use of Marihuana and probable Underage Drinking and decided to move towards stage to disperse crowd. At this point Officers were obstructed by estimate 10-15 mex. males. P.O. Russell attempted to place “ringleader” in custody. Officers were then assaulted from behind by unknown suspects. P.O. Russell states he and P.O. Upton injured several suspects but were outnumbered and could not prevent suspects from relieving them of weapons and uniforms and forcibly ejecting them from premises. Backup was called but when units responded club was empty. —Sgt. Geo. Tubbs

(Handwritten note at bottom: Tubbs—try to get that Tosti for the PBA smoker. —Baker)