Kick off Memorial Day weekend excess a day early by getting your brain in shape. The Rephlex tour finally hits town, one year after the release of The Braindance Coincidence, a comp that commemorates 10 years of Rephlex music fucking with your head. The imprint is headed by Richard D. James, a/k/a Aphex Twin, which would explain the label’s knack for twisted tunes. Though the bearded one won’t be performing, he has plenty of his freaky acolytes filling in, including Bogdan Raczynski, Cylob, Ovuca, and the infamous DMX Krew. Note: Rephlex was dedicated to “real” electro many years before all the kitschy stuff took hold, and DMX Krew served as a prototype for this ’80s-inspired retro trend. So there. Thursday @ 10, Fun, 130 Madison Street, 964-0303.

Timo Maas, the man responsible for the super smash remix of “Doom’s Night” a few years ago, has a new album entitled Loud. It’s a much more mature effort, with guest vocals from Kelis and MC Chickaboo, and boasts a wider musical range (i.e., not just trance) than his previous work. Joining Maas is Starecase, who hail from Bristol—the breeding ground of drum’n’bass and trip-hop. They also have a new CD—Firstfloor. Known for their remix work, the group tinkers with vocals this go-round (not so successful despite the efforts of ex-Spiritualized singer Sean Cook), but the best moments come during lush instrumentals. Saturday @ 9, Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, 260-4700.

Those sleazebags over at Motherfucker are turning two. They celebrate in perfect, raunchy style with the help of greasy rocker Andrew W.K. (No bleeding, please!) I’m sure there will be a song with the word party in it, too. Sunday @ 9, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 645-5156.