After a few months of wheezy, indecisive weather, summer’s finally here. With it comes a free outdoor party in Tompkins Square Park. Dinesh and his Drive By posse host the first installment of Heat, featuring U.K. 2step guest DJ Benny Ill, as well as a slew of local talent, including another 2steppa, Greg Poole (who’s also spinning a little hip-hop), and Prince Alpha, spinning reggae and dub. Motormouths Idris and Whistler of the Wikkid! crew are on the mic. Saturday @ 3 to 7 p.m., Tompkins Square Park, Avenue A and 7th, 560-0951.

Another Wicked crew has a mini-reunion at GBH. Minus Jeno (which is a shame since he’s my fave), Thomas, Markie, and Garth join together to show New Yorkers another alternative to the crunching garage and vocal house that populate most of the city’s clubs. The four Brit expats became a force in San Fran in the early ’90s with their Full Moon outdoor parties and later Come-Unity, originally held at 1015 Folsom. Although they are impressive DJs separately, together they are quite a mind-bending force, with fiercely distinct styles that complement each other. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

He’s not quite as scary as his name, but the Horrorist does make some pretty dark, hard techno. The man behind the mask, New Yorker Oliver Chester, also has a sense of humor, hidden in mocking lyrics and hardcore, acid-inspired sounds. He’s headlining a bill that also includes the Hungry Wives, whose single “It’s Over” is a hilarious satire of the New York club scene. With lyrics that begin, “I am legendary, you are not,” the singer continues, “The Palladium is dorm; Twilo was sold on eBay. It’s over, honey!” So absolutely right. With Acrosome. Saturday @ 10, Fun, 130 Madison, 964-0303.