Gay Pride


Everyone knows that girls just want to have fun, and this is the one weekend of the year when lesbians have a plethora of events to choose from. Most exciting of all the weekend Pride parties is brand-spankin’-new Jolie—held the last Sunday of every month. For possibly the first time in history, the hosts of Jolie are presenting a lesbian party with good music. Straight people don’t understand what the ladies have to put up with—the ’80s revival never happened in girlie clubs; the decade simply never went away. Girls who enjoy the finer points of electronic music are stuck listening to ’80s, hip-hop, the ’90s Top 40, or really bad house music. I can’t express to you the shock and joy I feel when I see the words “tech house,” “2step,” and “electro” on the same flyer. Local gal Karmelina features the first night. Go girls! Sunday @ 9, Opaline, 85 Avenue A, 475-5050,

Cabaret never died, it just went underground and over to the East Village. Drag king Murray Hill does “his” thing with his usual consortium of crazy folks. On Saturday, it’s ladies’ night with a special performance by Marga Gomez, Andy and Elroi, Pink Tracey, and Dee Trayn. On Sunday, Murray is joined by the freakin’ hilarious, absurd performer, Scotty the Blue Bunny (a grown man who wears a head-to-toe blue bunny outfit), Ms. Gomez, and the voluptuous *BOB* and her Glamazon troupe. Saturday and Sunday @ 8:30, Fez, 380 Lafayette, 462-9077.

The Gloss divas Rachael and ChloÈ Jo are putting on a shindig at their usual watering hole, Meow Mix. Special guest DJ is Le Tigre’s JD, who’ll be spinning ’80s, rock, and electro downstairs, with Lindsay upstairs in the main joint throwing hip-hop on the decks. Sunday @ 10, Meow Mix, 269 E Houston, 254-0688.

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