Emergency Exit


Just call him Senior Vasquez: Junior Vasquez, the queen diva of New York nightlife, reportedly made a trip to the hospital in the midst of his set at Exit July 7. While several eyewitnesses saw the DJ leave his $4 million customized DJ booth, Junior’s manager, Jerome Farley, denied rumors that the DJ had suffered a medical emergency. Said Farley, “He had to leave for Paris and had run out of medication.” Apparently the DJ, who is 56, couldn’t get one of his many minions to run two blocks to Roosevelt Hospital to pick up the prescription for him before he supposedly flew overseas for Donatella Versace‘s fashion show.

But a Versace spokesman said that while Vasquez provided the music, he didn’t travel to Paris for last week’s couture shows. And an inside source confirmed that Vasquez was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Farley said Junior was gone only from 10:30 a.m until noon, and that a DAT played in the interim. Fan message boards like,, and found frenzied Vasquez devotees speculating over the supposed ailment (heart attack, anxiety, OD, old age).

Danny Tenaglia, a former rival of Junior’s, tried to squelch the heart attack rumors, posting on DTourism: “[They are] untrue and not factual. He suffered an anxiety attack and was brought in for observation for safety precautions.”

Maybe Reid Speed should consider avoiding public transportation. The diminutive drum’n’bass DJ was almost arrested and banned for life from a major airline during her recent nationwide tour in support of her new mix CD, Resonance, on Breakbeat Science records.

While going home to JFK from Atlanta, Speed got into a mess with a flight attendant over her carry-on luggage. According to Speed, the tussle ended with a supervisor “pushing her finger into [Speed’s] chest, shouting at the top of her lungs about national security,” and calling Speed “a terrorist.” The supervisor then threatened to revoke her frequent-flier miles and ban her from the airline. Although police were called to the scene, Speed wasn’t arrested, and she even got to keep her miles.

Soon after that incident, Speed found herself in another scuffle, this time with an NYC cab driver who refused to take her home to Brooklyn in the middle of a downpour. Speed alleges the cabbie cursed at her, spit on her, and physically assaulted her after she called the taxi-complaint line on her cell phone. Can’t say she didn’t warn him: When he first refused to drive her, she told him, “You don’t wanna mess with me.”

Ghostly International makes the Midwest look cool; by comparison, New Yorkers seem like unimaginative hacks. The Ann Arbor-based label stopped by Filter 14 last Wednesday as part of its national mini-tour. With its iconic imagery (the little ghosts from Pac-Man), mix of IDM and electro, and smart marketing, Ghostly is savvier than most major labels.

Launched three years ago by the impeccably dressed and impossibly polite Sam Valenti IV, Ghostly boasts four full-length releases, including one by Midwest Product, due out this week, and the recent Disco Nouveau compilation. “I wanted it to be a mixture of highbrow and lowbrow,” said the 22-year-old Valenti.

Ghostly artist Matthew Dear—whose 12-inch comes out this week and who also has a release slated for Richie Hawtin‘s Plus 8 label—performed a live p.a. of minimal techno, while trainspotters like Ulysses and John Selway watched.

Earlier in the evening, the esteemed Berlin jock Highfish of the famed WMF Club turned in a surprise set. Tribeca and Soho Grand promotions director Tommy Saleh, away from the glamorous confines of the hotels, giggled as he watched a bartender struggle with a bottle of bubbly. “They don’t know what to do with it here,” said Saleh. Then he dashed off to bring Highfish a flute. “I feel like I’m working!”

Even when he’s not working, he’s working. Saleh hosted a Brooklyn rooftop party on the Fourth of July that drew over a thousand revelers, including a pregnant Björk. Later, W.I.T.‘s Melissa and Danielle ended up brawling with DJ Eddie Newton, who tried to get fresh with them on the dancefloor. But Melissa wasn’t having it; she cock-blocked him.