The fabulous people convene for a super-sized celebration of the Tribeca Grand’s first compilation CD. Get a bottle of bubbly and party to the moody downtempo sounds of Thunderball (who are similar in style to their Eighteenth Street Lounge label-mates, Thievery Corporation). Nicodemus & Osiris—of Turntables on the Hudson fame—man the ones and twos, while special guests, ambient lounge lizards Nicola Conte and Etienne de Crecy, take center stage. Wednesday @ 8, Tribeca Grand, Church Lounge, 2 Ave of the Americas, 519-6500.

Dego, half of the influential proto-junglist duo 4 Hero, spins in the city for the first time in over two years. With 4 Hero’s track “Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare,” they foreshadowed all the doomy and gloomy sci-fi drum’n’bass that’s dominated the scene for the last four years. Abandoning the frenetic genre years ago, they focused instead on jazzier waters, playing with breakbeats, slowing them down, and injecting a whole lotta love. Dego’s matched with Nuspirit Helsinki’s jock DJ Ender, who’s representing for the over 20-piece collective from Finland. Wednesday @ 10, Shine, 285 W Bway, 941-0900.

Magda, the best damn thing imported to New York City since sliced bread, has a weekly party called Gel and Weave. She’s Richie Hawtin’s right-hand lady whenever he spins around town, and her particular brand of minimal techno nears perfection. Headlining tonight is Perlon’s Dimbiman, who also specializes in blips and bleeps (surprisingly funky for a German!). He’s doing a live p.a. The whole thing makes me wanna shout, “Pet my monkey!” and do the Dieter dance. Friday @ 10, Open Air, 121 St. Marks Pl, 979-1459.