Everyone bitching about how all the nu electro acts are just feeble copycats can head to the seventh installment of the Regressive Technologies series, hosted by DJ Ulysses. Arthur Baker, most widely known for producing the track that started all this electro bizness (“Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force), co-headlines the event with another geezer, Mark Kamins—the man credited with discovering Madonna (yes, before Jellybean Benitez). He’s the O.G. Danceteria DJ. Not old-school enough? Can’t resurrect the cavemen for ya, sorry. Saturday @ 10, Shelter, 20 W 39th, 719-4479.

Detroit house DJ-producer Theo Parrish plays twice this week, but his pairing with the Metro Area boys on Thursday is going to be house heaven. Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani have it bad for early disco not found on the goddamn Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Too bad that APT’s crowd, uh, basically sucks my left one. (Thursday @ 10, APT, W 13th, 414-4245.) If you can’t party on a school night, head down to Open Air, where Parrish is joining Madga for her delish weekly, Gel And Weave. Friday @ 10, Open Air, 121 St. Marks Pl, 979-1459.

Last: A blatant plug for two Voice writers and their final monthly party Permaculture. I do this because: (1) Adrienne Day and Eric Demby are part of the Legalize Dancing NYC crew dedicated to eradicating that stupid cabaret law that makes us all so miserable; and because (2) they are hosting DJ/Rupture, the wicked wickety-wack-scratch-attack artiste extraordinaire. Confession: Music scribe (and Voice writer, too) Michaelangelo Matos—who I’m pretty sure is Rupture’s No. 1 fan—gave me his mix CD to check out, and I never did. But we’ll have to go on Matos’s rabid enthusiasm for the guy. “Brilliant!” he raves. Wednesday @ 10, Plant Bar, 217 E 3rd, 375-9066.

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