Most drum’n’bass artists still insist on making heavy metal, but Titled Productions’ party brings a slew of d’n’b producers who have followed a different path. It’s an amazing lineup, featuring Klute and Teebee, both of whom favor fractured techno-influenced breaks (think Photek) and minimalist construction. And then there’s the immensely bizarre pairing of San Fran junglist UFO (terrorist beats to you!) with techno DJ John Tejada performing as 2 Cities. Local boys Mathematics—who’ve been making lovely, swoon-worthy tunes for labels like Renegade and Frontline—round out one of the best drum’n’bass shows this year. Friday @ 10, Shelter, 20 W 39th, 439-4141.

More d’n’b action can be found at Dumboluna, with local stalwarts like DB, Reid Speed, and Kech on the decks. Old skoolers might feel like they’re in a time warp with Datcyde, Orion, and Odi on the decks. Though I can’t say what they’ll play, it’d be nice if some of these cats dug into their pre-1996 crates and pulled up some early beats. The second room is more of a grab bag—with techno man David Hollands spinning on the same stage as Irish DMC Champ DJ Wool. Now if only the Dumboluna would cut it out with all the gathering-of-the-tribes mumbo jumbo and stop pretending that anyone cares about circus-like performers at these shows. Saturday @ 10, the Lunatarium, 10 Jay, DUMBO, Brooklyn, 718-813-8404.

He’s not drum’n’bass, but he’s cool. Trevor Jackson, a/k/a Playgroup, is spinning three different times this week. Perhaps the best gig will be at Larry Tee’s party Mutants. While the Playgroup CD was a fun retro mish-mash (Jackson’s mix CD for Studio!), K7 proved to be far more enjoyable. He can’t mix worth shit, but he’s got killer selections (“Set It Off” and “House of Jealous Lovers”), and a great ear for programming. Friday @ 11, Luxx, 256 Grand, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-599-1000.