Motherfucker, the roaming sleazathon started by Chi Chi Valenti and hosted by Misstress Formika, returns in time for Labor Day weekend. In celebration, the promoters are giving away goodies from Ladytron as well as copies of Mick Rock’s photo book, Blood and Glitter. In addition to their usual high jinks, the Mofo crew is bringing the awesome DFA punk-disco band The Rapture to headline. Four words: “House of Jealous Lovers.” The Rapture rule! Go see them. That’s all. Sunday @ 10, Shelter, 20 W 39th, 719-4479.

IDM and hip-hop seem like an odd pairing to say the least. Would anyone else like to see a sound clash with techno geeks on one side, scratching their chins to Autechre and Aphex, while headz nod to Nelly and Eminem on the other? However unlikely it seems, the folks at Record Camp are putting on a show where IDM and hip-hop can coexist peacefully. OK, so artists like Chief Kamachi and Mutamassik aren’t exactly gangsta rap, but they are more hip-hop than your average blip and bleaper. The night is a triple-label showcase for Merck, Sound-Ink, and Shadetek featuring DJ/Rupture, Machine Drum, Danny L., and others. Sunday @ 9, Triad Theatre, 158 W 72nd, 362-2590.

Global Bass is back, but this time the posse is promoting house parties, and sticking with one expensive, headlining DJ instead of 10. The first installment features Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo—otherwise known as one-half of Daft Punk. I’ve always preferred the Daft boys in a live setting rather than their DJ performances, but the musical selections will hopefully be as fun as their original material. With Paul de Homem-Christo, Eric “Rico” Chedeville, and Romain “Raw Man” Seo. Friday @ 9, Chaos, 225 E Houston, 802-9268.

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