The question for Tronic Treatment’s latest installment of The Boat Sessions is whose name on this lineup don’t you recognize? Two of Detroit’s venerable “Bellville Three,” Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, will be onboard to serve groovy and funky rhythms to boaters. New releases from May are very far-and-in-between, but his sets are still worth getting shipwrecked for. With the Planet of the Drums Tour recently ended, drum’n’bass headliner Dieselboy also joins the roster. Driving d’n’b luminary Empress rounds out the night. Sunday @ 7, Board the Star of Palm Beach, Pier 40, W Houston & W End Hwy,

It’s been a while but I have yet to check out the freshly polished digs of what is now the artistic-haven/nightspot Arcspace (Vinyl’s defunct environs), it’s definitely more incentive to tread over to peep my old-time favorite, Richie Hawtin, as he spins some beautifully minimal techno at Made. Among the next wave of Detroit’s techno gamut, Women On Wax’s Magda, who’s been opening for Hawtin whenever he’s in town and working with his M_nus label, joins in blipping and bleeping the night away. Germany’s Sven Väth also headlines. With Mike Servito. Sat @ 11, Arc, 6 Hubert at Hudson, 226-9212.

It’s all about eclecticism this week at Acupuncture. Mathematics—the only U.S. d’n’b collective to have singles signed with the U.K.’s Hospital, Defunked, and Frontline labels—will be swapping styles for a rare freestyle evening of electro-boogie, broken beat, deep house, even a smidge of dub, and, of course, some soulful drum’n’bass. They sure do stay busy—keep an eye out for new singles “Rhode Runna” and “Move On” to be released through Renegade and remixes of Nuspirit Helsinki’s “Trying” and Chris Su’s “Airlift.” With resident Ezekiel. Fri @ 10, Halcyon, 227 Smith, 718-260-WAXY.

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