‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’


Leave it to Patrick McMullan to take photos at his own birthday party. The PrintINK bash, held last Wednesday in the Regency Ballroom, jump-started several nights of massive fetes before this week’s somber cloud of 9-11 memorial events.

“Talk about a busman’s holiday,” said the exuberant celeb photographer. “I need another party like I need a hole in my head.” The event featured a silent auction of photos and paintings, with proceeds going to God’s Love We Deliver. Besides the predictable WTC-themed pieces, there were works by Kenny Scharf, Marie Havens, and Andres Serrano.

Men wearing nothing but well-positioned bits of cloth danced around on platforms as bawdy drag performer Lady Bunny served up numbers like “If You Could Read My Behind.” Moby and pal Damian Loeb turned up superstar style (in mirrored shades), shooting some quick video of the dancing boys before rolling out with a phalanx of leggy ladies.

Speaking of leggy ladies, ever wondered what happened to Irina Pantaeva? (We’re gonna tell you anyway.) Fly Life caught the Russian Eskimo princess at Adidas’s opening for their Wooster Street Originals shop last Wednesday (where we also spied artist Lee Quiñones and tennis legend/shoe namesake Rod Laver). Look out for her new book, Siberian Dreams, along with a film based on it that she’s co-producing.

Alexander McQueen‘s friends are a protective lot. Save for Marie Claire fashion director Lucy Sykes (a willing deer in the paparazzo headlights), they shunned the press at the designer’s official opening party for his sleek new boutique on West 14th Street. The block’s most high-profile tenant has paved the way for Gucci Group colleague Stella McCartney‘s shop two doors down, and the corporate brass obviously wanted everyone to know it.

Models Karen Elson and Tatiana, Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Alicia Keys (in that wacky linebacker getup she wore at the earlier Times Square NFL concert), actress Lisa Marie, photographer Craig McDean, and the “Dark Sykes,” Plum and sister Alice, came out to support their pal “Lee.”

Even Naomi Campbell, trying to maintain a D.L. presence in sunglasses and a Kangol, popped over from London. “I just came to see Lee,” she said, before pushing her arms through the crowd à la Moses and the Red Sea. Some guests were not into it. “She’s a fucking cunt,” said one displeased partyer.

There is a God: They finally stopped serving Bud at an Alife party. The opening for the store’s new “Suitman‘s Travel” exhibit featured lukewarm bottles of Brooklyn Pilsner—moving up in the world, boys!—paper dioramas of old-school block rockers like Public Enemy, plus Polaroids of a stoic model in shell-toes and yellow shades, blankly posing at places like Rio’s Cristo Salvador and Munich’s Oktoberfest.

While the model from the photos played dead in the front display window, photographer Cheryl Dunn and a mob of baby fashion chicks and skater boys kept spilling onto the street. An ambulance rushed to the store and EMS techs flung the model onto a stretcher, only to return 10 minutes later to replace him with a giant cardboard replica of himself.

Suitman’s alter ego, Young Kim, a commercial director for companies like Nike and ESPN, has been pulling such stunts for the past decade. “I don’t really consider this art,” said Kim. “It’s more my personal diary.”

Eventually, even Suitman’s antics were upstaged. Cops arrived around 10 o’clock to disperse the crowd. “People thought the police were part of the show!” explained Kim.

SPOTTED: Actress-artist Anh Duong, as dressed down as she gets in a camel cashmere sweatsuit and a Dior Street Chic bag, brunching at Pastis . . . Hedwig star John Cameron Mitchell at a sex party in Soho (Fly Life’s source could not confirm whether he was watching or participating) . . . Jackass Johnny Knoxville, Sex and the City‘s Willie Garson, and Tobey Maguire (grabbing Kirsten Dunst‘s ass—we take it they’re back together) at John Street Bar’s Drunk Love party over Labor Day weekend. Our source got into a shoving match with Dunst after the actress tried to shove her way through the throng. “She was like, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I was in Spider-Man.’ We were like, ‘Well, good luck with that!’ ”

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