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With track titles like “Discobitch,” “Flesh Gym (Do the Macho Jack),” and “Puzzyjazz,” you get the feeling that Legowelt isn’t your average electro act. The one-man show (Danny Wolfers, a/k/a DJ Marquis de Blanco) comes to Luxx for Safety in Numbers and Vice mag’s party—as part of the Dirty Brown and Miserable World Tour. Mr. Wolfers makes muscular electro—none of that pussy, chintzy crap for him!—and most of his releases on Holland’s Bunker Records are filthy fun. Old-hat robot kitsch and blatant ’80s rehash are thankfully absent. He’s performing a live p.a. and is joined by labelmates Orgue Electronique and Orange Sunshine, as well as Memory Systems and Soundtrack. Wednesday @ 8, Luxx, 256 Grand, Bklyn, 718-599-1000.

Is it just me, or is it disturbing that I find a collection of music intentionally created for car ads enjoyable? Ben Neill’s latest disc, Automotive, was made specifically for Volkswagen commercials, and it’s not half bad. More disturbing is Neill’s upcoming performance—a live set with his “mutantrumpet,” accompanied by Bill Jones (who will be mixing video footage from the VW commercials). The line between art and commerce? Poof! It’s vanished. Wednesday @ 9, Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery, 228-0228.

Pick from two boat parties to round out the summer before the weather gets icky. Those who like deep house can catch Jeannie Hopper’s Equinox boat party with Simon Haggis, and Jay Rodrigues-Batidos & Groove Collective, playing sax and flute throughout. Friday @ 9:30, Board the Marco Polo Half Moon, Pier 63, 631-3617, And luckily for the folks who crave hard techno, the Advent, Slam, and Christian Smith are taking turns tipping the Tronic Treatment boat. Sunday @ 7, Board the Star of Palm Beach, Pier 40,