Sick and tired of going to these electro parties and hearing the same goddamn songs over and over? (Let’s roll through the hits, shall we?: New Order’s “Blue Monday,” Fischerspooner’s “Emerge,” and Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock.” Yada, yada, yada.) But lo and behold, there’s a new DJ in town who totes a record collection that kills the competition, often playing Cybotron, Telex, J. Geils Band, and Chip E in the same set. I can’t divulge his identity: I can only say that his DJ names are DJ Edison, DJ Cheddar, and DJ Edifice, respectively. He’s a well-known music geek who describes his music as “aerobics-class Latin freestyle, Belgian newbeat, fuzzdance Italodisco, Flashdance-goth, early-’80s German neu Deutsche Welle, industrial bubblegum, hi-NRG electro-punk, Radio Disney cult hits, and drunken frat-soul with parties going on in the background.” Trainspotters, bring your pens! He spins this new party, Papaya, with two fetching ladies, Minx and Xucia. Monday @ 9, SX 137, 137 Essex, 674-6931.

Since the Brooklyn Bridge has been under terrorist watch all summer, we lost one of the most left-field music events of the year, the Music in the Anchorage series. But Creative Time, the people behind the Anchorage events, have concocted another experimental music series for those who get all riled up about minimal German techno and the like. This week’s installment, billed as Live Experimental Music and Multimedia From Around the World, features a live theremin performance from Pamelia Kurstin, a DJ set from Magda, and a slew of interactive performances—most notably one between Deadbeat and Chain Reaction’s Monolake conducted between Berlin and New York via the Web. Planet E’s Todd Sines plays live with vocalist Natacha Labelle; Alberto Levy Macedo performs using cell phones as an instrument, Milena Iossifova displays videos of Cuba, Bulgaria, and Detroit, and more. Thursday @ 9, Stable, 16 Main, DUMBO, Bklyn, 206-6674.

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