Now that electro is officially ovah (sshh, don’t tell those Electroclash kids), it’s time to fixate on another recent musical past: acid house! DB and Dara—who were there when ravers had to make their own phat pants and used candles for glowsticks—bring out their old-skool tunes (circa 1988-1992) for a little round of aceeed nostalgia at Sorted. Proper. Thursday @ 10, Bar 13, University Pl, 979-6677.

I usually squirm away from interactive performances, but if the idea of getting a little wet and messy while watching acrobatics and listening to top-shelf house music sounds like a good idea, then the DJ Connection/De La Guarda show is the spot. Miss Jeannie Hopper, the venerable WBAI station jock, and all-around great gal, headlines this week’s version, which has featured Derrick May, Alexi Delano, and Francis Harris throughout its summer run. Thursday @ 8, Daryl Roth Theatre, 20 Union Sq E, 947-8844.

As an admitted techno snob, I get all worked up thinking of blips and bleeps and how they layer just so over each other. And the prospect of Stewart Walker (of Tresor, Force Inc. fame) doing some time on the turntables or his laptop practically turns me into a giddy schoolgirl. Minimal techno is fun—I don’t care what you diva vocal house people say. Aphasic, Wednesday @ 10, Liquids, 266 E 10th, 677-1717.

Oh yeah, for those who haven’t left the house all year, there’s this festival called Electroclash, featuring really new music from people who’ve been around, like, forever, who got tagged with this nickname, and who are playing all week long. See the Short List and listings for more information.