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Peaches may be tiny, but she’s no shrinking violet. In town for this week’s Electroclash Festival (and subsequent national tour), the diminutive tart was game to go shopping at gal-centric porn store Toys in Babeland. Wandering around the small sex shop, she inquired of owner Claire, “Do you have the female ejaculation video? I wanna learn how to female ejaculate!”

She’s got no shame, Peaches: “I used to be all [she squirms] when guys would go down on my pussy, but then I licked pussy myself, and I understood it’s really great. There’s nothing wrong with being sex-positive!”

Lest you think these tidbits should be filed under Too Much Information, our damsel in undress related a story about Boy George and her (presumably soiled) panties. Yes, I will go there.

The saucy singer was recently at a London club when she saw the karma chameleon. He stopped and said, “Fuck the pain away,” which prompted Ms. Peaches to pull off her undies (inscribed with those very words) and give Boy a very special present. “He sniffed them and stuffed them down his pants,” she happily reports.

The Boy George-Peaches love affair doesn’t stop there. Boy also has a tampon (unused! unused!) of hers hanging next to a photo of Ivana Trump on his wall. Now that’s true fucking love!

This week’s lesson: Make fun of candy ravers, catch hell. Jason Blackkat, activist, DJ, and promoter, was so mad at the swipe I took at them two weeks back he would only agree to speak to me if I promised not to make fun of hippies and goofy ravers. OK, I promise.

Blackkat, bless his anarchist heart, stood up to David Rabin, Lotus owner and New York Nightlife Association president, at last week’s ghastly Club Nation conference (low attendance, tacky music, etc). At the Nightclub Owners panel, Rabin said that his association was in favor of the cabaret law being phased out over several years, and went on to say he wished the Bloomberg administration would crack down even more on venues without cabaret licenses.

“This isn’t socialism, it’s capitalism,” he said, chiding the anti-cabaret-law supporters like Blackkat and Legalize Dancing NYC.

But as Blackkat pointed out, it’s Rabin’s position that resembles socialism. “He wants state-sanctioned dancing,” à la the Soviet Union, said Blackkat.

Rabin defended his controversial position, fingering the 1990 Happyland Social Club fire as another example of why dancing should remain regulated—privy only to the rich bar owners who can afford the legal wrangling it takes to get a cabaret license. He failed to mention that Happyland was an illegal after-hours club, unlike all those low-rent (but perfectly legal) East Village bars that want a piece of his dancefloor action.

Rabin admitted that his motivations were purely selfish. After all, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars getting a license for his club, why should all these other bars get a shot at it for free? That would be too . . . democratic.

When he’s not busy challenging hoity-toity club owners, Blackkat aims his ire at the government and its attempt to pass the RAVE Act (Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstasy). National protests and months of letter-writing and call-in campaigns succeeded in getting two of the bill’s original sponsors, senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Richard Durbin (D-IL), to drop their support. But it looks like Congress wants in on the Act. Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) has introduced a version of the same bill to the House, which may be voted on this week by the House Judiciary Committee—making it possible for the RAVE Act to become law by the end of the year. Blackkat is organizing another City Hall protest on Halloween day, with Frankie Bones and Grandwizzard Theodore making appearances. Go to and for more info.

Twilo: The Scary Sequel? Luis Puig, owner of Miami superclub Space, recently told Ocean Drive magazine: “We just put an offer in on the Twilo space. If it comes through, I hope to have it open by New Year’s 2002.” With the opening of Crobar (another Miami transplant) just around the corner, it looks like there’s gonna be some South Beach rivalry hitting the west side.

Research assistance: Dan King

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