Drum’n’bass hasn’t been the “It” genre for several years, thanks to most of its practitioners’ penchant for throbbing gristle. But there are still a few DJs who recognize that a little variety and a little soul can go a long way. Metalheadz jock Bailey is one of those DJs, coupling technical prowess with fluid programming and choosing records that grow in intensity rather than thrash from the get-go. Bailey shares the Bass:mint bill with fellow U.K. junglist Stakka, who—as part of Stakka and Skynet—foreshadowed the electro-tinged sounds of drum’n’bass with the track “Blazin’.” With Juju, Know:el, and Tigi. Wednesday @ 11, Shine, 285 W Bway, 941-0900.

Dumboluna is back in action with headliners Ben Sims and Oliver Ho spinning steady, unchanging loops of hard, driving techno. Their sound shares more commonalities with the Swedish techno movement (think Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer) than it does with German minimalism or Detroit’s funk. Those who want relief from the bang-the-drums madness can turn to Chain Reaction’s Substance and new local lady Magda, who prefer stripped-down beats that ebb and flow rather than stomp. Also spinning are local tech house and techno DJs Rich Bourque, Juan C, and Plexus. With Chris Trends, Yellownote, Saskai, Krona, Minesweeper, and Kid Kameleon. Saturday @ 9, Lunatarium, 10 Jay, DUMBO, Bklyn, 212-592-3676,

A few years ago, with the release of Let’s Get Killed, David Holmes was the critics’ darling—mostly due to his record’s New York-centric tracks, which featured Holmes sampling locals in all their glory and oddball tendencies. While he’s dropped off the map in the dance world, he’s been quietly picking up a rep as the go-to guy for film scores. This week he puts in a rare DJ performance in APT’s “basement.” Friday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 414-4245.