My desktop currently features a ridiculous press photo of Swayzak boys James and Broon in silly poses against a backdrop of banana splits. I bring this up to underscore the fact that, unlike many of their tech house contemporaries, Swayzak have a sense of humor that is deeply embedded in their music. Where others deign to be serious, making austere, untouchable tunes, Swayzak bring a bit of humor to their beats, especially in their latest (though it is my least favorite) release, Dirty Dancing. I mean, even the name is funny—doesn’t it make you think of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze? (This is no coincidence, I assure you. Just take a look at the similarity between Swayze and Swayzak. Hmmmm.) Funny bones aside, the duo don’t mess around with their live sets—they have a killer sense of programming and flow, and an even sharper instinct for making the dancefloor jam on it. Saturday @ 10, Arc, 6 Hubert, 226-9212.

After a pronounced absence from the club world, quality drum’n’bass events are coming back to the fold, with much thanks to Breakbeat Science. Headlining Thunder: Dome is Total Science, one of the acts to kick-start the old-school sound a few years ago. Their recent releases on CIA and Metalheadz carry on the tweaked tradition. One of the foremost mixers in the biz, Storm (also of Metalheadz), joins the roster with vinyl selections that smartly tell stories and avoid the rote pounding of all the big hits. With locals Dara, Knowel, DJ Still, and Tigi. A second room finds breaks and 2step coming from DB and Scott Hardkiss (who are going head-to-head), Siren, and Doomer. Friday @ 10, Lunatarium, 10 Jay, DUMBO, Bklyn, 212-592-3676,

Quickie announcement: Sasha is back. He has a new record, Airdrawndagger, that’s as pretty as he is. Friday @ 11, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 645-5156.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 22, 2002

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