After last week’s CMJ-Halloween orgy, things are going to seem awfully quiet around these parts—which makes it the perfect week to jump start a new party. Kimyon and the Foundation/Tru Skul crew start their new weekly, Pockit Rockit, featuring local and national techno jocks. The first installment is all locals, with residents Kimyon, J-Mills, Alex Young, and Wilson spinning. In coming weeks, Dinky and Paris the Black Fu are special guests. Thursday @ 10, Piano’s, 158 Ludlow Street, 505-3733.

As publications get swallowed whole by bigger companies, diluting the media, indie pubs become more important. Repellent, an indie mag that’s just starting out, is having a benefit called Culture Vulture to help raise funds for its second issue. The event will be a live version of the mag—with performances from Cosmic Rocker (of Codek Records), Donna Summer, Nelson-Electric Chaircut, Ghost Exits, JANE, 8-Bit Orchestra, Mr. Bruce Huge Voodoo, and Xar. Big-name jocks like Heather Heart, Tim Sweeney, and Small Change (among others) lend their skills to the cause. Fun visuals courtesy of Joint, Mighty Robot, and Language 2. Plus: live style sports and thrift run (!!), and goodie-bag raffle. Saturday @ 10, 66 Water Street Bar, 66 Water, DUMBO, Bklyn, 718-625-9352.

GBH co-founder Alejandro is having a birthday party, and, lucky him, Neil Aline and Holmar Filipsson are spinning especially for the occasion. And a few hundred people are guaranteed to show up, too. If only we were all so lucky. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.