Busted on Bleecker


Mayor Bloomberg‘s Silent Night project—which “targets areas plagued by loud and excessive noise”—is wreaking havoc on Bleecker Street bars. The first of what promises to be many raids took place Friday, November 1, when a reported 20 cops representing eight city agencies made the rounds to seven venues.

The Red Lion, Asylum, and Terra Blues were vacated and closed for the night for various infractions. Both the Red Lion and Asylum were issued tickets for unlicensed dancing, among other violations.

And Asylum was padlocked last Friday, November 8, due to repeated unlicensed cabaret activities. Zane, a manager at Asylum, said: “[Bloomberg’s] got a hard-on for clubs.” He estimated the hip-hop spot lost $20,000 in revenue during the three-day closure. “You’d think they wouldn’t be going after businesses in Lower Manhattan,” he said.

Serafina, on Lafayette and Great Jones streets, also got hit for cabaret- and catering-law violations and was fined $3500.

Officer Jennara Everleth, a department spokesperson for the Deputy Commission of Public Information (DCPI), said the raids were in response to “noise and other complaints reported to the quality-of-life hotline.”

Terra Blues manager Gabriel Aldort said the visit was “[the mayor’s] way of saying a change has come. Bloomberg’s looking to get money in any way he can. That was a message—to stay on your toes.” In the end, the club got three tickets, including one for lacking a Certificate of Occupancy.

“They couldn’t leave without giving us a ticket for something. You can’t have the crack squad come in here and leave empty-handed,” said Aldort.

Ironically, the city’s Web site highlights Bleecker Street as one of the city’s top tourist destinations. As Aldort puts it, “This is Bleecker Street. This is where some of the best music in the city is.”

Kevin Hedge, co-founder of the long-running house weekly Shelter and co-owner of Club Shelter (né Speeed), is stepping down from his duties. He issued one of his glory-be-to-god statements last week that said: “I pray that you know I have tried to give my all, never for financial gains or fame. I feel that you have returned my energies and efforts triumphantly with great love, and for this I humbly submit my most heartfelt Thank You’s.” Hedge is continuing his production work as Blaze with co-producer Josh Milan, and will begin serving as president of West End Records, which was recently relaunched.

Win some, win some? John Blair‘s renovated Limelight is set to open as Estate on Saturday night, with Deep Dish headlining. Danny Tenaglia gave a sneak preview on, relaying that the “church” motif is gone, the DJ booth has been renovated, and soundproofing increased. “It’s very much about NOT disturbing the neighbors as we all know they are watching this club closely,” he writes. See Michael Musto‘s abfab column for more salacious details.

Bang the Party, the venerable house institution featuring DJ E-Man, is leaving East Village club Opaline and going back to Brooklyn—though not to Frank’s Lounge, its old homey haunt. Starting on Saturday, November 23, BTP bangs it out at Fort Greene’s 667 Bar Gallery and Lounge.

#1(99). Fischerspooner‘s record #1 didn’t quite reach the top spot in the U.K. Fly Life heard rumors of only 800 copies sold, which seemed possible given that the album entered the Brit charts at 92, then fell to 199 within two weeks before disappearing altogether. The single “Emerge” fared a little better, spending three weeks at number 25 before dropping out at 66th place. Ministry of Sound spokespeople said the album sold 20,000 copies and the single moved 15,000. Representatives at Official Charts wouldn’t divulge the numbers to the press, but when told of MOS’s album estimates, laughed: “That’s absolutely wild.” At any rate, the label probably hasn’t recouped their $2 mil investment.

But sagging sales aren’t stopping the unstoppable boys from joining forces with Kylie Minogue on a new single, a remix of her track “Come Into My World,” which FS performed with the diva on Top of the Pops. The team-up prompted the ever-cheeky NME to ask, “Can Kylie’s arse save Fischerspooner?” Rumor has it that Ms. Minogue may make a surprise appearance at this week’s Irving Plaza shows. Her “secret weapon”—her arse—will reportedly be there, too.

Additional reporting: Dan “the Man” King

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