It’s Thanksgiving week, and while most of us are going to be trapped at the ‘rents’ house, discussing mundane things like (a) why you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, (b) how your brother’s/sister’s/cousin’s baby is SO CUTE, and (c) why you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, some of you will be lucky to escape these fun-filled festivities. Following are the best three excuses not to go home for the holidays:

1. Laurent Garnier: a French DJ-producer, who makes rich, emotive techno and sometimes uses horns (see: “Man With the Red Face”). This may or may not make him techno’s Kenny G.) Still, slamming, extra-long sets have been known to come from the man. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.

2. Dave Hollands’s bash at Café Novecento. Mr. Hollands, an esteemed local DJ who doesn’t get his due, has a weekly party usually held on Sundays that fills this teeeeeny tiny li’l spot in Soho with tech house nutheads. He hosts a special midweek pre-Turkey Day one-off just for you with Slynus and Mike Bryant. Wednesday @ 10, Café Novecento, 343 W Bway, 925-4706.

3. A regular techno party at a new venue. With a dancefloor. And a decent sound system. (And no, you’re not imagining this.) Kimyon’s new weekly shindig, Pockit Rockit, boasts some beautiful special guests and, this week DJ Traxx—a Chicago DJ who records for Gigolo records. His skills are legendary (some say they surpass even those of Jeff Mills). Thursday @ 9, Piano’s, 158 Ludlow, 505-3733.