The year has barely begun and there are already several changes in the works in our little club universe. On a sour note, Baktun, one of the few music-centric clubs left in downtown New York, is closing up shop and will reopen under new owners with an eye towards the money prize. This looks to be the last month of operations for the beleaguered joint, and will also be the last of Direct Drive at the space. This installment finds local cats Seen, Doomer, Chris Thomas, Swingsett, Shin, and Em Active behind the decks at the city’s best drum’n’bass weekly. Saturday @ 10, 418 W 14th, 613-0900.

Positive news comes from the Deep See folks: The house music weekly is moving to new digs and changing nights. The party leaves Idlewild after two years and moves to Abaya, switching to become an early-week jam on Mondays. This week—the second at the new home—Kai Fikentscher’s “House to Learn” lecture-dance series will be held with E-man and Lola on the decks as usual. Monday @ 8, Abaya, 244 E Houston, 777-7467.

Jeannie Hopper, the hardest-working gal in house music, is taking part in a super special event. She’s teaming up with the legendary house producer and DJ, Tony Humphries, a reunion of Zanzibar (the club where he got his start and made his name). The two are joined by Aaron Hayes at the New Jersey spot. Saturday @ 10, Club Zantes, 120 Evergreen Pl E, Orange, NJ, 973-242-0422,