The city really needs a new girlie night, and the lucky ladies are finally getting one. (However, can we please get a new venue—no disrespect to Meow Mix, which I love, but I’d like more than one party worth visiting, ya know?) The new party, aptly named Carpeteria, is supposed to be a mash-up, mixed-crowd affair (i.e., gay boys, some straight kids, along with the girls), à la the party the promoter Farika, a/k/a Lady Base, threw in San Francisco. The DJs in the main room—DJ E-Race and Lady Base—spin electro, hip-hop, r&b, freestyle, and funk. Downstairs, LeTigre’s JD spins with DJ Lambchop. Saturday @ 10, Meow Mix, 269 E Houston, 212-254-0688.

Dammit, I liked Telepopmusik before they scored the Mitsubishi campaign, so I have a right to sing their praises. They just played on Valentine’s Day at Centro-Fly, but those who missed that show can see them in Brooklyn. It’s worth the mini-trek just to hear singer Angela McCluskey—whose husky vox many have rightly likened to Billie Holiday’s. And while there is nothing as breathtaking on the debut album as “Breathe,” which makes me nostalgic for 1994-era dance music, it’s still a pretty and worthwhile record to hear. Monday @ 8, Luxx, 256 Grand, Bklyn, 718-599-1000.

I know I’ve been warning of its demise, but Baktun is really closing this month. Direct Drive, one of the club’s longest-running, most consistent parties, is having its last bash there before moving to a new venue. The drum’n’bass weekly (essentially one of the few that are left in the city) goes out in local style, with the classy DJ Doomer on the decks, as well Seoul (the man behind the party), Artur L, and the Burner Brothers. Saturday @ 10, Baktun, 418 W 14th,