By the time you read this, the blizzard will (hopefully) be a distant memory, the snow will be gone, and maybe we’ll be experiencing some weather above 35 degrees. Hey, we can dream, right? In the event that it’s still like the North Pole, there are two events you should gather the strength and courage to go outside for. Venture into the great outdoors to hear Doc Martin, the L.A. disco-deep house DJ who manages to visit these shores a mere once or twice a year. Those of us who are over 25 and from the West Coast have strong nostalgic feelings for the Doc—he was a fixture on the early L.A. rave scene. There’s something decidedly sunny about his brand of house, which is all psychedelic Californication. Perhaps he’ll bring some actual sun with him, too. Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 212-627-7770.

Drum’n’bass has been having a revival of sorts in the U.K. The 2step craze apparently blew over, and everyone in quaint, merry ol’ England got sick of the bling-bling materialism that cycled into gangsta-style turf wars. Over here, though, it’s still the hardcore followers who turn up for events like this week’s badHuman tour. Philly’s Dieselboy headlines a rough ‘n’ ready lineup, which also includes drum’n’bass boy wonders Bad Company and quick-fingered DJ Craze, who spins on four decks with Adam F (how’s Adam gonna keep up, I wonder). Also appearing, a slew of local DJs, including old-schooler ODI and San Fran transplant Siren. Wednesday @ 10, Downtime, 251 W 30th, 212-695-2747.

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