Early Warnings of Chances to Learn


As Martha Graham would say, the body never lies. But what if you can’t hear it for all the noise and static in your typical day? Dancer-singer Naaz Hosseini—veteran of the Laura Dean and Meredith Monk troupes—helps you decode your body’s nonverbal communiqués in her celebrated “Soundpath” workshop (Saturday, April 5, 1 to 5 p.m.). Hosted by the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training, Hosseini promises “experiments in the here and now” that foster “a deeper connection to self, others, and life itself.” No previous vocal or movement training? No problem! Call 212-387-9429 or visit Or try Hosseini’s private sessions in Nyack and Manhattan (

Truly chatty bodies with diva potential will love Puella Lunaris’s dramatic “Dancing With the Archetypes” show-and-tell (Saturday, April 12, 7:30 p.m.) and creative “Archetypal Dance” workshop (Sunday, April 13, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) at Soho’s New York Open Center. Lunaris (a/k/a Pilar Sanchez) guides you through a sacred labyrinth of powerful unconscious forces—the stuff of dreams, myth, legend, and the arts. Find your inner Medusa or your closet Venus. Indulge that Xena fantasy at last! Visit or call 212-219-2527, ext. 110, for more information.

Honor the innate wisdom of your sage body. Join the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy for its fourth annual conference “Science and Spirituality: The Transformative Connection,” Friday through Sunday, March 14 through 16, Fordham University, Lincoln Center. Notable speakers include Fred Alan Wolf, F. David Peat, Candace Pert, and many others. Dozens of workshops, panels, and training intensives, open to the public as well as professionals, address cutting-edge body-mind healing modalities and issues ranging from eating disorders to terrorism, from Ancient Egyptian cosmology to the up-to-the-minute physics of nonlocal consciousness. For complete schedule and registration details, see or call 212-284-9160.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 11, 2003

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