The majority of New York’s dance-music community will be sunning themselves in Miami for the Winter Music Conference, but one group of party promoters ain’t having it. GBH proudly raises the middle finger to WMC with their Anti-Winter Music Conference party. Its usual residents, Anthony Mac, Jean Claude Ho, Frank Delour, and Seth, play for the peeps who are sticking it out in the cold confines of New York’s clubland. As a reward for not going to WMC, patrons get $5 drink specials all night long. Sweet! Friday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 212-627-7770.

Charlie Dark, the man behind the Blacktronica nights in London, makes a special Goldspot appearance. His night—like his music—is a blend of black music’s history and future, melding broken beat, jazz, nu soul, hip-hop, garage, and drum’n’bass. The producer has deep roots—he previously was part of Attica Blues (they even produced an album for Sony that was never released). He’s joined by Drive By’s Dinesh, MC Whistler, and Swingsett. Monday @ 10, Café Deville lounge, 103 Third Ave, 212-560-0951.

If I could replicate one woman a thousand times, it’d be Bettie Page. Well, lucky me, Jackie 60’s 13th annual salute to the 1950s raven-haired dominatrix-girl next door is this week. Ms. Page has a timeless appeal, it seems, as tons of local ladies flock to the event every year, donning fetish gear, those wicked bangs, and a sweet yet knowing smile. There will even be a “Bettie Realness” competition, which will reward the look-alike who best resembles Bettie in her NYC bondage phase. Saturday @ 10:30, CBGB Gallery, 313 Bowery, 212-982-4052,