Sites You Need


Sunday’s talk shows were like paid political advertising for the George Bush re-election campaign. Reporters were reduced to talking airheads.

Tim Russert to Dick Cheney: “How’s your health?”

Cheney: “Good. No complaints.”

Russert: “Do you prefer french fries or freedom fries?”

Cheney: “I don’t eat them, whatever they’re called.”

Or Bob Schieffer on CBS: “Well, I mean, do you think that the president will announce some sort of timetable today from the Azores?”

Cheney: “Bob, I… I don’t want to be in a position where I predict what my boss is going to do.”

Schieffer: “I understand.”

Instead of complaining about the U.S. press coverage, why not just skip it, or at least supplement it? Here is a very incomplete, short list of sites that will actually tell you what’s going on:

BBC News ( best basic location for information about the war itself and the effects on other parts of the world. Replace CNN, ABC, Fox News, etc., with this.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( another strong alternative.

Commonwealth Institute War Report ( an excellent resource for background articles on all aspects of the Iraq war.

The London Independent ( generally excellent foreign reporting. Watch for Robert Fisk’s Middle Eastern stories.

Financial Times ( for both general foreign reportage and business news. Replace The Wall Street Journal with this.

Haaretz ( informed, skeptical Israeli newspaper, for news from what could soon be the second front.