For one who loves nothing more than air, furnishings are as minimal as possible. Most can be folded and moved, or even hung on walls when not in use. Materials, when feasible, are environmentally friendly: walnut, cotton, steel, paper, leather. The fire-treated mattress passed the California fire code—the most stringent in the country! The minimal use of pattern and color deceives the eye into perceiving a bigger space.

  • A Hook, bungee cord for hanging cello,, $10.26 w/s*


  • B Two Philippe Starck Cozy Chairs, fold and hang on wall, Target, $39.98


  • C Bamboo Table, folds and hangs,, $94.98 w/s


  • D Two Fakse Suede Rugs, IKEA, $198



  • F Enlarged newsprint photocopies for art and shades, Kinko’s, $1 per square foot, roughly $36



  • H Lighted end table, steel and plastic, Target, $39.99


  • I Two Brighton paper blinds, Pier One, $120


  • J Wooden pallets for bed platform, free on streets


  • Swivel casters to screw to bottom of pallets (16),, $55.30 w/s


  • Six yards burnt-orange felt to cover pallets, any fabric store, $29.82


  • Two packages nickel-finished thumbtacks, Pearl Paint, $1.78


  • K Foam-core queen futon mattress,, $214 w/s


  • L Two BodyMate body pillows and cases, Bed Bath & Beyond, $49.99



  • Four-star solid cotton comforter, Kmart, $47.99


  • Diamond-weave blanket, Kmart, $18.08


  • Three-star solid blue cotton sheet set, Kmart, $32.99


  • M Three empty detergent boxes to tack to walls for storing tapes, CDs, any grocery store, $18


  • Chino cotton shower curtain, Kmart, $14.99


  • Steel shower-curtain rings, Kmart, $2.99


  • Tea linen bathroom towel set, Pima cotton, Kmart, $23.97


  • Metal mesh wastebasket, Bed Bath & Beyond, $4.99


  • Steel tall kitchen trash can, Target, $29.99


  • Two three-piece sets of Orange Peel glazed ceramic dinnerware, Bed Bath & Beyond, $31.94


  • Two six-inch glass tumblers, Dollar Store, $2


  • Three three-piece sets of paperboard storage boxes for Elfa System,, $38.97 each, $134.45 w/s


  • Three wall hooks for hanging chairs and table,, $20.37 w/s


  • Two sky-blue 18-inch cotton toss pillows, Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.98


  • Two orange steel Foto pendant lights, Ikea, $15.90


  • Two poly/cotton Linnan organizers, Ikea, $29.90


  • Installation fee to a savvy friend, $80


  • Bottle of good scotch, $30

Total: $2,520.27

*w/s indicates that price includes shipping.