Kiss and Tell


James Iha is the new Moby. Which is to say, he’s the new ubiquitous downtown celeb. (He’s cuter, too.) Need cool cachet for your party? Invite the ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist. I’ve seen the pretty boy out at least five times in the last two weeks, including at Pianos last Tuesday while I was stalking the other new downtown icon, Le Tigre lesbian J.D. Samson (who’s joined the ranks of Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, and Christina Aguilera in the so-ugly-they’re-hot sex-symbol club). And there he was again Wednesday night at Spin editor Sia Michel‘s birthday party at Spring Street, with members of the Sounds, the band Iha just signed to his label, Scratchie Records. (Witnesses said two of the boys from the Sounds were seen standing outside shouting, “We’re gay and we’re Swedish!” to anyone who’d listen.) Moby, unaware that he’d been overthrown as King of Partyland, hung out in the girls’ room.

Fischerspooner lead singer Casey Spooner (a/k/a My Personal Love Slave) showed up stag-style, but his time was quickly monopolized by ex-porn star Ms. Traci Lords (back off, bitch, he’s mine!). I asked Mr. Spooner what made Ms. Lords so intriguing that he spent more time with her than me, and he said they were talking about the haunted rooms at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont, and John Waters (who Ms. Lords has worked with). Mr. Spooner also mentioned that Ms. Lords has finished an album, including a cover of the Missing Persons track “Walking in L.A.” (Attention industry execs: Traci Lords is looking for a record contract.)

After coaxing stories from Spooner about the band’s first cross-country tour (Atlanta being the surprise best gig), which was so successful that Spooner’s father no longer thinks his son is a male prostitute, I successfully wheedled a few smooches from him, too. (He said: “I’m gonna read about this, aren’t I?” “No,” I lied.) The verdict: Casey Spooner is a killer kisser.

Speaking of killer, DFA, the local label responsible for putting out “House of Jealous Lovers” by the Rapture and “Losing My Edge” by LCD Soundsystem, got major props in Rolling Stone recently. In the issue featuring a damn near pornographic cover shot of Ashton Kutcher, the mag reports that the DFA boys are so hot, Janet Jackson is after them. DFA co-owner Jonathan Galkin confirmed Ms. Jackson’s interest: Apparently Miss Jackson loved “Losing My Edge,” and wants some edge for herself. While we’re on the subject of DFA: A reader wrote in and said that the busted Brooklyn loft party that was moved to Luxx a couple weeks back was a highly orchestrated ploy to get people to go to see W.I.T. The threesome’s Mandy Coon is supposedly dating DFA’s James Murphy, who was one of the DJs at the loft party, and the reader thinks the party was a thinly veiled attempt to hide très cool Murphy’s endorsement of W.I.T. (who really wanna be). I don’t believe it for a second (and neither should you), but it is the most brilliant rumor passed along to me yet.

A rumor you should believe: Local band the Scissor Sisters recently signed to Polydor, making them labelmates with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ms. Dynamite, and Eminem. The Sisters—who gained fame for their disco-fag cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Comfortably Numb”—have apparently morphed from a gaudy, unpolished four-piece to a gaudy, polished five-piece. The band will play during Barcelona’s “Sónar” festival in June, a far cry from Luxx. Incidentally, I’ve known singer Jason Sellards (a/k/a Jake Shears) since he was a wee teen back in Seattle. I used to call him Condom Boy ’cause he once posed for a pro-condom-use ad. Oh, how he’s grown up!

Flyer magazine printed a hilarious mini-feature of groupie confessions in this month’s issue, with anonymous tell-alls about encounters with Perry Farrell, 3D of Massive Attack, and some guy from some band named Flickerstick. But the best is the Liam Gallagher bit, which depicts a groupie being chased down by the Brit rock star after a recent Coldplay concert. While hitting on the groupie, he (allegedly) uttered things like “You’re going to be somebody’s grandmother someday. Don’t you want to say you’ve played with fire?” When the groupie turned down the rocker’s lascivious advances, he allegedly started shouting, “I’m fucking sexy! You’re fucking sexy! Let’s fucking do it!” Fucking OK!

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