It’s hard to accept that it’s nearing summertime when the weather fluctuates from 70 degrees one minute to 40 degrees the next, but promoters are pushing forward with their “summer” tour specials. La Leche, the folks who threw the Nortec parties, are back with more of the same fun, uplifting music. Perfect for summer or whatever season you want to call this. One of Nortec‘s quintessential artists, Fussible, headlines while local resident DJ International Playboy Zen opens. Wednesday @ 10, SOB’s, 204 Varick, 212-243-4940.

The attack on nightlife is only getting worse, and the folks at Blackkat, along with the members of the Culture Defense Project (which includes Legalize Dancing NYC, Jackie Factory, and DanceSafe), plan to do something about it. Bless their activist hearts, because they are hosting another protest-rally at Foley Square in honor of changing and eradicating the RAVE Act and the cabaret law. Hardcore DJ and local legend Lenny Dee provides the audio blitz, with a little help from Sonic Groove’s Heather Heart and Adam X. D’n’b and breakbeat gals Doomer and Reid Speed square off, lending their beats to the cause. Saturday @ 3, Foley Square at Centre, btwn Worth & Duane, 212-714-4987,

If you’re looking for a nice, relaxing evening of easy-listening techno, then a night with Funkstorung is not gonna be your bag. The German duo follow in the footsteps of Autechre—specializing in beats with jarring angles, abrupt sounds, and unsettling melodies. They are a little prettier than Autechre (though not as pretty as Boards of Canada), but no less punishing in their heavily layered rhythmic structures. They’re at Pianos, which is weirdly perfect (you can’t dance, only stand around and nod your head). Tuesday @ 9, Pianos, 158 Ludlow, 212-505-3733.